Frequently Asked Questions from bidders

Am I disadvantaged by bidding on the internet?
No!  that being said, Internet bidding does come with certain advantages and certain inconveniences.  Internet bidding permits you to bid from the comfort of your home or place of preference at the time you deem fit.   The inconveniences bidders are sometimes confronted with are generally related to Internet issues, such as internet lag, duplicate bids etc… these issues may cause you to miss a desired lot.  When internet bidding, you enter your data, which is then encoded on the auction site then transferred to the internet and then displayed on your screen,  a couple of seconds may have passed and a delay may occur between the auction floor information and your computer.  These delays are common and often caused by internet transfer times and are generally related to your internet connection.  As the  Auctioneers we do our best to alot an appropriate lapse of time during each lot to accommodate these delays and offer you the best opportunity to bid.
What are the system requirements?
This Platform allows bidders to participate in all our auctions from their computers, Tablets and/or Mobile Phones. This platform will be accessible with both PC & Apple version computers. Software accessibility will however require as a minimum: a recent browser version such as

  1. 1.      Internet Explorer 10
  2. Google Chrome 14
  3. Mozilla Firefox 11
  4. Safari 6.
How do I register?
To register, All you are required to do is go to our website, ( click on the AUCTIONS tab and register by creating a valid account using your e-mail address and your chosen password ().  Once done and approved by the system you will automatically receive and e-mail from the server asking you to validate your registration, once this done you will now be able to bid through our platform through Proxy Bids, Live Bidding and/or Live Proxy bidding.
How can I view the lot I am interested in?
Enter the lot number you are interested in the “Go to Lot:” and press the “Go” button and you will be taken directly to the lot.
What is a Proxy Bid?
Proxy bids are bids placed by yourself prior to the opening of the Live  Auction sale itself.  As long as the lots are up and posted on our site, you can register and leave your bids online if you cannot participate in the live sessions.
If I place a Proxy Bid on TCNC platform can I bid against myself in TCNC Live!?
No. As long as you continue bidding from the same account you registered with.
What are Live Proxy Bids?
Live Proxy Bids are bids that you may place once the Auction has gone Live and for any given reason you decide you cannot sit through the entire sale to await your lots;  in this case you will scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on Live Proxy Bidding.  In this screen you can forward to your lots of choice and place your bids ahead of time.  Do not forget to SAVE these bids.  Unsaved bids will not be registered.  The program will now execute the bids on your behalf.
If I place a Live Proxy Bid on TCNC platform can I bid against myself in TCNC Live!?
No. As long as you continue bidding from the same account you registered with.
The lot sold for my exact bid yet I did not win the lot, Why?
Tied Bids,  the auction platform will not double sell a lot, it is programmed to accept all bids and register them by time and date entered,  This means that a tied bids will automatically be awarded to the bid first entered and accepted on the program no matter how close the bids entered.  It is important to note that The Auctioneer has no control over the internet platform and its choice of winning bidders.  In the case of a Live public sale, the Auctioneer will accept the bid first called to his or hers attention and award the lot the appropriate bidder.
How do I know if I won the lot?
When the lot closes a message in green indicating you won will be displayed.  Important: In the rare occasion where the lot must be re-opened it is possible that the said lot will not show on your invoicing as the bidding increments continued over and above your high bid entered.  You must either continue to bid or concede the lot to the new high bid.
Why are lots re-opened?
Other types of internet delays, such as internet lag, transfer times or even late bids often create situations in which a bid will come through as we are closing the lot on the floor and/or another internet platform,  in the case where not all platforms are yet closed and the auctioneer deems fit, a lot may be re-opened to accept a tardy internet bid to offer a fair opportunity for all internet bidders to participate in the bidding of the said lot.  It is possible and most likely that if you were the initial winning high bid that you will now be surpassed by a higher bid  and if you do not continue the bidding process you will concede the lot to the new high bid.
What does the tab My bookmarks do?
The My bookmarks tab is there to permit you to view all lots you indicated to Track and all the lots you have bid on.  They will all be incorporated and visible on this page.
What does the tab Results do?
The “Results” tab shows the auction results as they happen. You can see what items sold and the final hammer price.