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Dear Customer,
It is our pleasure to welcome you to Downtown Toronto for The June 2017 Torex Auction Sale. This auction of more than 1,100 numismatic lots features two major collections joined by selections from 40 other consignors across North America.
This year’s Sessions are highlighted by two substantial Banknote Collections and and extraordinary Collection of Tokens. The Bennett Collection Part I consists of an almost complete Bank of Canada set 1935 to present day mainly in Uncirculated to Gem Uncirculated condition with a few issues in the VF to AU range. The collection features 1935 $25 BC-12 PMG AU50PPQ, $50 BC-14 CCCS AU55, $100 BC-16 PCGS AU50, $1000 BC-19 PMG AU55, 1937 $50 BC-26a PCGS CH UNC64PPQ, 1954 Devil’s Face Replacement issues $1 through to $20 examples, excessively Rare replacement issues 1973 $1 BC-46aA #*MD PMG CH UNC64, #*AB PMG CH UNC63, #*FB EF40 and several others including Rare Serial number issues, some lots are listed and sold as complete Prefix sets.
The Greenbach Collection holds a premium selection of carefully chosen Chartered and early Dominion issues flowing over into the early Bank of Canada notes. The notes come graded by various Third party grading companies but each issue has been carefully selected and is attractive and proper for the grade attributed, no surprises just attractive issues. The Jewel of his collection is a Rare 1914 $5 The Northern Crown Bank example PMG VF25, ranked in the best graded to date, The Union Bank of Canada 1907 $5, probably the best we have ever handled, The Standard Bank of Canada 1919 $20 VF30PPQ, The Canadian Bank of Commerce 1917 $100 in great condition along with several other attractive and elusive issues.
That brings us to the Wellington Collection, a superb selection of Tokens in surprisingly above average to just plain extraordinary and in some cases unique conditions. The collection is featured by an extremely rare pattern of a Cossack Penny example, listed only in Withers as 1506, CCCS PF-64, a museum piece of highest rarity! A possible unique WE-3, Breton 974, WEL-73, White metal specimen, uniface issue, James Mule Token. Rare mule example with Obverse of LC-2A6 and Reverse of LC-3A4, NS-19A2, Breton 963, Trade & Navigation, Halfpenny 1812 CCCS MS-60 a Rare Plain Edge type, WE-11B5, WEL-19, Breton 986, Wrong spelling ‘Cuidad’, Madrid, Silver, LC-11B, Breton 525, One Penny Bank of Montreal Sideview and so much more…
Inadvertently both the Torex and RCNA Auctions (Boucherville in July) will be linked as to permit us to better promote and offer these exceptional collections and the vast amount of material that is being offered from them, as well as all the material from all the other consignors. This fantastic duo of Auctions should make some spectacular moments and active evenings of auctioning.
Numismatically Yours,

Marc and Eric,

The Canadian Numismatic Company




Welcome to The Canadian Numismatic Company, a team of rare coin professionals, highly skilled in the presentation of numismatic auction sales.  TCNC has held first position in the Canadian numismatic auction scene in terms of prices realized, lots sold and great rarities handled.  We offer unparalleled expertise and service in the areas of Canada, United States, world and ancient coins, tokens, medals and paper money.We look forward to working with you in building a superb quality collection or in showcasing your collection on one of our world class auctions.

We are proud and very excited to finally introduce to you our Internet Bidding Platform. This Platform will now allow bidders to participate in all our auctions from their computers, Tablets & Mobile Phones. This platform will be accessible with both PC & Apple version computers. Software accessibility will however require as a minimum: a recent browser version such as Internet Explorer 10, Google Chrome 14, Mozilla Firefox 11 or Safari 6. You will now be able to leave Proxy Bids, Bid Live and/or execute Live Proxy bidding. All you will be required to do is go to our website, click on AUCTIONS and register by creating a valid account through your e-mail address and validate this information once completed. Please note: the website will now offer two distinct registration procedures. You will have the option to register as an online Store buyer only or an online Internet Auction participant. However, both registration forms will require your personal information. Be advised that all personal mailing and payment information will be kept absolutely confidential within The Canadian Numismatic Company.  We will be rolling out new pages and functionalities over the next few months as we work with our users and their feedback to better our programming.

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